July 2019

Hello Marina Drive Neighbors, 


We are initiating a quarterly newsletter to let you know what’s happening in the neighborhood.  We welcome your feedback and any information, we as neighbors would be interested in knowing, to include in future newsletters.  


1.      TRASH TALKING:  The Marina Drive Board is not responsible for issuing garbage can violation letters.  Screening garbage cans from the street/public has always been a covenant for Marina Drive.  In November 2018, Oak Harbor hired a management company, GNO.  GNO has been performing site visits twice a month, by driving through our neighborhood, inspecting property and covenant violations (boats/trailers in driveways, trash cans stored where visible from street, gardens/yards not being maintained, mailbox disrepair and townhomes needing cleaning/painting, etc.).  Covenants were put in place by Oak Harbor and are enforced by GNO.  The Marina Drive Board has heard GNO letters sound a bit harsh and we are working with GNO to soften the wording of violation letters.    


The Marina Drive Board has come up with some suggested ways trash cans can be screened from view -- placed in garage, use potted or planted palms and landscape, use pre-fabricated lattice or install fence as screen (we even found a Marina Drive resident who will build for you, if needed) -- see attached photos of the ways your neighbors have hidden their garbage cans.  Your yard is an extension of your home and we should all want to improve aesthetics as well as property values.  We are also starting a “yard of the quarter” contest, which will consist of a sign in your yard (during the quarter you win) and a $25 gift certificate to show appreciation to the winning neighbor and increase incentives for other neighbors to beautify their yards. 


2.  WELCOME NEW NEIGHBORS:  Speaking of property values, they are on the rise, 974 Marina Drive recently sold for $265K.  Increased property values helps Marina Drive continue to be a great place to live and/or consume higher rental income from tenants.  If you are new to our neighborhood, either a homeowner or renter, please notify a Board Member, listed on left, so we can drop off a “welcome packet” for you.   

3.  TOWNHOMES NOT IN ASSOCIATION:  Not all townhomes built on our street are in the Property Owners Association and therefore are not subject to the restrictive covenants.  As notified in an earlier flyer, the Marina Drive Board has affixed an “Oak Tree” sticker to mailboxes of Association members to show which townhomes are in the Marina Drive Sub-Association.  These decals show both GNO and neighbors which townhomes belong in the Association, as well as being a reminder to real estate agents, Marina Drive is an extension of Oak Harbor and therefore a covenant community.


4.  ARC (Architectural Review Committee):  Keeping property in tip-top shape and following the restrictive covenants ensures our neighborhood integrity.  If you are planning any modifications to the exterior of your home, yard or dock, you are required to submit an ARC Submittal Form (which can be found on our website (www.marinadrive.org))  along with plans for approval prior to starting any project.

5.  VACANT LOTS:  As a reminder, parking on the vacant lots is not allowed.  We’ve been successful in getting grass on the lots cut more frequently and ensuring both lots are maintained more regularly.  Parking on the lots, not only causes ruts in the lot but also keeps the grass from growing, making it unsightly.  These lots are great for dog walking as well as a place to host neighbor get-togethers (which we’d like to do more of).    

6.  BOATS IN DRIVEWAYS:  As a boating community, we are thrilled it is summer.  While keeping your boat and/or trailer in your driveway is against our covenants, we understand if you temporarily need to have your watercraft in your driveway for cleaning and/or maintenance.  We just ask you to let a Board Member know the timeframe requested so we can notify GNO not to send a violation letter. 

7.  NO WAKE SIGNS:  We have two “No Wake Canal” signs for sale at $8 each.  If interested in purchasing, please talk to a Board Member.    

8.  CAMERAS:  Fortunately, crime in our neighborhood has been minimal.  As one deterrent, we have cameras at the entrance to our street.  With technology improving and becoming more affordable, we know many homeowners also have cameras to watch their homes.  We’ve started a list of homeowners with cameras in case there is theft or other criminal activity which needs to be investigated by police.  Please let Julie know if you have a camera so she can add it to our list (which will never be published).  The list will only be used, by a Board Member, as contact information of who owns cameras on the street.     

9.  PLANNED ACTIVITIES:  Our upcoming activity is to watch the 4th of July fireworks from Marina Point.  We hope you’ll bring your chair and beverage and join us when the fireworks begin.  We always have such a spectacular fireworks show over our own Marina Basin.  We also welcome any homeowner’s suggestions of future activities that the neighborhood would enjoy.

Our neighborhood will continue to improve if each and every property owner and or tenant complies with the covenants.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact any of our Board Members.  We also welcome you to become active in our Association and perhaps volunteer to become a member of the Board in the future. We’re all working toward the same goal, keeping our piece of paradise beautiful, safe and happy so we can all enjoy it for many years to come.   We hope you found this Newsletter informative and useful, until next quarter…