April 2020

Hello Marina Drive neighbors, 


First and foremost, we hope you are all staying home and staying healthy.  As some of you may have noticed, red ribbons have been tied to the palm trees at the entrance to our street, the street lights where our American Flags fly, and both the Marina Drive and Marina Point Signs.  We hope when you see these red ribbons, you’ll be reminded of unity among people, neighbors & friends, support for all essential workers and the hope that our world will return to normal sooner than later.


The 2019 Marina Drive Board decided to put out a newsletter once a quarter to notify neighbors what the Board has accomplished and what’s happening on the street, as volunteers we may not always hit that quarterly mark.  And, sure enough, due to busy schedules, a newsletter was not written for the first quarter of year 2020 but we plan to continue with periodic newsletters to keep you informed and up to date.


One of our residents, Nicky Manalla @ 1043 Marina Drive is the drummer in the band Category 6 and they are putting on a one-hour concert this Saturday, April 25, from 7pm to 8pm.  Invites have been sent via the NextDoor App for boats to anchor in Grand Lagoon and listen to this live concert.  There should be NO loitering on our bulkhead due to the social distancing ordinance but if you have a boat or live on the Marina Basin side of Marina Drive Townhomes, please plan to enjoy.


At the beginning of 2020, the Marina Drive Board made a list of goals for the year.  If you have anything you would like the Board to address in the coming year, please send an email to marinadrive@hotmail.com with your suggestions and/or concerns.  As an example, our Board received a letter on Friday stating the Marina Drive website was out of date, it was, so on Sunday it was updated. 


We hope you enjoyed the Mardi Gras Boat Parade in February.  Unfortunately, Marina Drive upcoming activities have been postponed while we adhere to the stay-at-home order.  If possible, we’ll have our annual yard sale (as well as other fun activities) once the order has been lifted and it is safe to socialize again.

Our Christmas Decorating Contest was modified this year to include, not only yard decorations, but also door decorations.  The winners are as follows:


1st Yard – $50 – Angie and David Roberts @ 1287 Marina Drive

2nd Yard – $45 –Winners are Carol Macha and Bill Vance @ 1413 Marina Drive

(Newsletter originally listed Dorothy and Lester Ralph, who are the owners of 1413)

3rd Yard – $40 – Tommy Gressaffa @ 1349 Marina Drive


1st Door – $30 – Peggy and Stan Boyd @ 1399 Marina Drive

2nd Door – $25 – Jill Zeswitz @ 1765 Marina Drive

3rd Door – $20 – Karen and Lloyd Labatut @ 1429 Marina Drive


And our Yard of the Quarter Contest is blooming brightly with a $25 gift certificate going to each winner.  So, in addition to our Inaugural Winner of 2019 2nd Quarter, Blakey Adams @ 1075 Marina Drive, we’ve recognized:


2019 3rd Quarter as Bridget and Jerry Wood @ 1780 Marina Drive and

2019 4th Quarter went to Melanie Hebert @ 1170 Marina Drive.


We just selected our 2020 1st Quarter winner as Al Gomez @ 1500 Marina Drive.  Congratulations to all winners.  Our yard is an extension of our home and by improving the appearance of our yard, it increases our property values. 


We know most of you have noticed the “No Trespassing” signs installed on the three Oak Harbor Investment Property vacant lots.  These signs were posted, as a reminder, those lots are private property and, as such, cannot be parked on or fished from.    


We hope you also noticed our front entrance sign has been freshly painted and rotated so it is visible when arriving from the first part of Marina or Harbor Drive.  It has an arrow pointing toward our Marina Drive showing visitors where to turn for our townhomes. 


Another accomplishment during the first quarter, was the removal of a cement floating dock in the Grand Lagoon/Marina Basin.  The dock was tied to the Marina Drive/Oak Harbor bulkhead and could have caused damage and definitely collected trash and was an eyesore.  As a notice to those living on the Marina Basin side, nothing should be attached to the bulkhead.   


With additional time on our hands a few reminders are in order:

·         If you are planning any modifications to the exterior of your home, yard or dock, you are required to submit an ARC Submittal Form, which can be found on our website (www.marinadrive.org)  along with plans for approval prior to starting any project.  Please allow 7-10 days for an onsite visit and approval before arranging for a contractor, etc.

·         When walking your dog, please be a good neighbor and pick up after them. 

·         If you move your boat into your driveway for any reason, the MDPOA should be notified so you can receive a short-term waiver, if not, GNO will cite you for a violation.


And while discussing boats, the Marina Drive Board has two “No Wake” signs for sale at $5 per sign, if interested in purchasing, let us know via email (marinadrive@hotmail.com). 


The above reminders, also make it necessary to repeat, not all townhomes on our street are in our POA.  We would like to identify townhomes within our association by placing an Oak Tree decal on your mailbox so if you’re interested in obtaining and displaying a decal, email marinadrive@hotmail.com and we’ll get a decal to you. 


Until further notice, our newsletter will only be sent via email (to the email addresses we have on file) and posted to our website. So, if your neighbor does not receive the newsletter, they can provide their contact info to us by completing the Email Address Form located on our website (www.marinadrive.org).  During this time of social-distancing, Marina Drive having your email address is more important than ever.  The Email Address Form also lets Marina Drive know whether you are a homeowner or tenant so we can make sure both, owners and renters, have and know the latest Marina Drive information.  Emails are sent sparingly and, if you ever request us to delete your email address from our distribution list, we will.    


Speaking of renting your townhouse on Marina Drive, please remember that rentals less than 12 months are not allowed and all leases should be provided to the GNO Management Company. 


As expected, many routine meetings have been postponed until alternate meeting methods are decided.  The information we have on meetings is as follows:

·         At present, the Marina Drive Board will not hold meetings, but will do business via email.

·         The Oak Harbor Master Board Meeting has been postponed, tentative date is May 15. 

·         The April Levee Board Meeting was held via teleconference.  The next scheduled meeting is May 20.  If you are interested in meeting details, email marinadrive@hotmail.com and we’ll notify you of meeting time, teleconference number or location of meeting.


We hope you found this Newsletter informative and useful.  And again, stay home, stay healthy!