July 2020

Hello Marina Drive Neighbors, 


First and foremost, we hope you are all staying home and staying healthy.  During this trying time, when we can’t get out and do our usual/fun things, we hope you appreciate the beautiful spot you call home and love your little piece of paradise more than ever.  Looking around, Marina Drive isn’t a bad place to be self-isolated and/or quarantined.  That being said, we hope our world will return to normal sooner than later.      


Red ribbons have been tied to the front entrance palm trees, the Marina Drive and Marina Point Signs in appreciation of all essential workers.  In addition, Oak Harbor recently paid for a ‘gratitude sign’ which is located on the left-hand vacant lot near the entrance as you drive onto our street.  We hope when you see the red ribbons and sign, you’ll be reminded to support and thank all essential workers (some of which live on Marina Drive).


As many of you know, the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for Marina Drive were written some time ago and need updating.  A committee is being formed to begin the process of revising the CC&Rs.  Marina Drive has been informed by Oak Harbor that it will be a long, labor-intensive procedure and we feel it is important to begin.  If you are interested in being on the re-write committee, please email marinadrive@hotmail.com and we’ll provide you with details.   


Some items your Marina Drive Board has been working on:  In late March, the Marina Drive front entrance sign was repainted and reoriented so it can be read before turning onto our section of Marina Drive. 


A new neighbor “welcome” folder was assembled and five packets have been given out to new residents on the street.  The packet includes useful information regarding living in our CC&R community.  When giving out the packet, we collect new resident’s contact information so items like this newsletter can, one day, be distributed electronically.  If we don’t’ have your email address, please send it to marinadrive@hotmail.com.   Emails are sent sparingly and, if you ever request us to delete your email address from our distribution list, we will.    


Congratulations to our current ‘Yard of the Quarter’ winner, Georgia Dietrich @ 1612 Marina Drive.  The Board has ordered a new sign and hopes to have it placed in her yard soon.  We believe all yards on Marina Drive are looking good and we hope it is due, in part, to this yard-of-the-quarter contest.  The hope is by improving our home/yard aesthetics it will, in turn, increase our property values.


Two additional “No Trespassing” signs were installed on the Oak Harbor Investment Property vacant lots.  There are now three signs on the vacant lots in the curve and two on the Marina Point lot.  These signs are posted, as a reminder, those lots are private property and, as such, cannot be parked on or fished from.  The St Tammany Parish Sherriff’s Office will be called for any violators.   


Speaking of fishing, if fishing from the bulkheads, please only fish behind your individual townhome or get permission from your neighbor if you fish from the bulkhead behind their townhome.  Whether you own the bulkhead or not, please be respectful of neighbors especially during this time of self-isolation/quarantine.  Also any non-residents can only fish in the presence of a resident. 


A few reminders: 

·         This being an election year, political signs of any kind are not allowed. 

·         If you move your boat into your driveway for any reason, the MDPOA should be notified so you can receive a short-term waiver, if not, GNO will cite you for a violation.

·         R/Vs are not allowed in your driveway for any reason or any time period.

·         When walking your dog, please be a good neighbor and pick up after them. 

·         If you are planning any modifications to the exterior of your home, yard or dock, you are required to submit an ARC Submittal Form, which can be found on our website (www.marinadrive.org)  along with plans for approval prior to starting any project.  Please allow 7-10 days for an onsite visit and approval before arranging for a contractor, etc.


The above notices, make it necessary to repeat, not all townhomes on our street are in our POA.  We’d like to identify townhomes within our association by placing an “Oak Tree” decal on your mailbox so if you’re interested in obtaining and displaying a decal, email marinadrive@hotmail.com and we’ll get a decal to you. 


An update on recurring meetings and upcoming events:  The Marina Drive Board has resumed monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month @ 7pm, with the location rotating among board members.  Monthly Levee Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month, alternating between Mandeville/odd months and Slidell/even months.  The next quarterly Oak Harbor Board Meeting is scheduled, but not confirmed, for Tuesday, 10/6.    


The Marina Drive Homeowners’ Annual Meeting is tentatively planned to be held the last Thursday in September, 9/24, @ 7pm at Tammany Yacht Club.  Please mark your calendar to attend.  As always, an invitational letter will be mailed to all homeowners closer to the date.     


A neighborhood-wide garage sale is also being penciled in for Saturday, 9/26 from 8am to 2pm in conjunction with Eden Isles community sale.  Advertisements for the sale will be placed on social media sites and a flyer with additional details will be distributed to all residents in early September. 


Again, if interested in being on the CC&R re-write committee, email marinadrive@hotmail.com.  We hope you found this Newsletter informative and useful.  Please stay home and stay healthy!