Annual Dues for Marina Drive Townhomes

$140 due January 1st each year

$50 Late Fee assessed early February  (See OHPOA Collection Policy below)


There are several ways to pay dues:


Pay by Mail:

Send your payment made payable to ‘Marina Drive Townhomes HOA’ with your address and account number in the memo section to:


Marina Drive Townhomes HOA

GNO Property Management

PO Box 51173

Lafayette, LA  70505-1173


Pay through your Financial Institution:

Make a payment from your financial institution noting your GNO account number in the memo section and please make sure they are sending it to the Lafayette address shown above. 


GNO has implemented a new online system to help MD townhome owners stay informed with their community as well as make payments online.  Here is how to register:

1.      Visit

2.     Click register in the top right corner

3.     Fill out all information that you can recall.  Don’t worry, your account number is not a required field for the registration process.

4.     Hit submit.

5.     Wait for the Customer Service Manager to approve the registration.

After registration:

6.      Once registration is approved, you will receive an email from  It may go into your spam/junk folder.  If you do not see this email, please contact

7.     Follow the prompts of the email.

8.     You’re all set.  You should be registered for MD Webaxis from this point.



Pay by Web/Online:

1.      Visit and log in with your email and password.

2.     Click on Pay Assessments in the blue menu bar to the left.  In addition to your account number, have your checking account or credit card information ready.

3.     Follow all steps. 

4.     Hit submit to complete the process at the end. 

You will receive a confirmation email regarding the receipt of your payment.  You can also check Account Info and check to see if your balance has been zeroed out.

Note:  There is a $1.99 fee for e-checks and a 3.25% fee for credit card and debit card payments.  


Pay by Web/Online Automatically with Recurring Payments:

1.      Log into your Webaxis account on with your email and password. 

2.     Click Pay Assessments in the blue menu bar to the left. 

3.     Scroll down to the very bottom, click New Recurring Payment.

4.      Fill out all the information and click submit to choose to make this payment a recurring transaction.


GNO Direct Draft:

Authorize GNO to automatically draft your payments by completing an authorization form available by email request to


Change Personal Information or Password:

1.     Log into your webaxis account on with your email and password.

2.     Hover over Account Info and click My Profile.

3.     Edit any information that needs to be updated.  (To update your password, go to the middle of this screen.  It will give you the option to enter a new password.)

4.     Scroll down to the bottom to submit and save the changes.

Collection Policy for OHPOA Assessments (Revised 12/10/18)

Marina Drive


December                All statements mailed

January 1                  All mandatory property owner assessments due

Early February        Assessments are delinquent - $50 late fee is assessed with property owner given another 10 days to pay.  NOTE:  There are no waivers of late fees allowed.

Mid-February          The OHPOA office shall notify Judith Otero, Association attorney, to send a Demand Letter – the property owner is given 30 more days in which to pay their outstanding balance including the late fee. 

Mid-March               At the end of the 30-day period, a lien is filed on all outstanding accounts in order to preserve the rights of the subdivision.  A copy of the recorded lien is mailed to the owner  Another 30 days is given to the property owner to pay the outstanding balance which includes legal charges incurred in filing the lien. 

Mid-April                  The OHPOA office shall notify Judith Otero, Association attorney, to send a Notice of Lien Letter in preparation for filing a lawsuit to enforce the Association’s lien.  Another 30 days is given to the property owner to pay the outstanding account balance.

Mid-May                   A lawsuit is filed to enforce the OHPOA lien, recognize the OHPOA lien, to collect amounts due and to seek a judgment.


NOTE:  Please make your mandatory property owner payment prior to the Delinquent Date on your statement. The above noted policy has been adopted by the OHPOA Board of Directors at its meeting on December 10, 2018 as a means to timely collect monies owned to the Association. 


Possible charges for adherence to the above Collection Policy are as follows, but are subject to change as dictated by the Clerk of Court’s fee schedule:


·         Attorney Demand Letter = approximately $90.00

·         Charges to file lien = approximately $505.00

·         Attorney Notice of Lien Letter = approximately $90.00

·        Charges for Lawsuit = approximately $910.00