Marina Drive Yard of the Quarter


Your yard is an extension of your home and we should all want to improve aesthetics as well as property values.  We have started a “yard of the quarter” contest, which will consist of a sign in your yard (after the quarter you win) and a $25 gift certificate to show appreciation to the winning neighbor and increase incentives for other neighbors to maintain and keep up their yards.  If won, we hope you’ll use the gift certificate to continue to beautify your yard. 


2021 Winners:


2020 Winners:

2020 1st Quarter – Al Gomez @ 1500 Marina Drive

2020 2nd Quarter – Georgia Dietrich @ 1612 Marina Drive

2020 3rd Quarter – Becky and Richard Mapp @ 1333 Marina Drive

2020 4th Quarter – Jeannette Bilich @ 1089 Marina Drive


2019 Winners:

Inaugural Winner/2nd Quarter – Blakey Adams @ 1075 Marina Drive

2019 3rd Quarter – Bridget and Jerry Wood @ 1780 Marina Drive

2019 4th Quarter – Melanie Hebert @ 1170 Marina Drive