Marina Drive Property Owners’ Association
Links to Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
When you purchased your town home, you should have been given copies of the Covenants, Conditions and
Restrictions (CC&R's) that apply to your particular property. If you did not receive these documents, copies may be
viewed and downloaded from the links below. Most documents are lengthy and, depending on your Internet
connection, may take time to download. Adobe Reader is required to view most documents.

Since the town homes on Marina Drive were built in stages,
Supplementary Declarations apply to different
addresses. Please click on this link to see the Supplemental Declaration that applies to your street address.

The Marina Drive of Oak Harbor Property Owners' Association Articles of Incorporation and Association Bylaws
may also be viewed from this web page.

The new Special Assessments apply to all Oak Harbor Property Owners' Association homes (about 1200 homes),
including Marina Drive town homes. All changes to the exterior building and grounds must first be approved by
the sub-associations' Architectural Review Committee or the property may be subject to a costly assessment.

Per Day Special Assessments

Per Occurrence Special Assessments

1989 Restated Declaration (applies to all

Supplementary Declaration 1

Supplementary Declaration 2

Supplementary Declaration 3

Supplementary Declaration 4

Supplementary Declaration 5

Supplementary Declaration 6 (Marina

Articles of Incorporation

Marina Drive Property Owners'
Association Bylaws

Satellite Dish Installation Guidelines

Design Guidelines